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A Loveswept Contemporary Romance Book Series

Welcome to Juliet Rosetti’s online home. Hope you enjoy exploring my site. I write mysteries with a touch of romance and have just become a member of Random House’s new Alibi line of ebook mysteries. My blog, Schnibbles, is published most Mondays and includes the popular Quibbles: Don’t You Hate It When segment. Book reviews are published on Fridays--that is, these things happen in an alternate universe where time stretches like silly putty and blogs write themselves. Please feel free to contact me—I love hearing from readers.

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What Reader’s Say

One of my top ten books of the year!
Barbara Vey, Publishers Weekly
If somehow I ended up on a desert island and could only bring 3 things, this book would be one of them! I loved watching Mazie go from a naive, shy and quiet woman to a fierce, kickass, take no prisoners warrior!
Hootie and Globug Book Review
If the Stephanie Plum series and The Fugitive had a baby, you’d get The Escape Diaries. This was a fantastically humorous murder mystery. Chased by a crazed security guard, surviving a toilet avalanche and being tortured by Racing Weiners are just a few of Mazie’s escapades.
Amazon review
The heroine being stalked through the creepy Body Worlds exhibit—a maze of plastinated human body parts set in the Milwaukee Public Museum—is one of the best climax scenes ever!
A zany cast of characters, a break neck caper, a good mystery, and a sweet love story. What more do you want?
Amazon review
Mazie is a cross between Calamity Jane and Bambi Bembenek.
This quick, fun, and slightly off the wall comedic story was the perfect antidote for a day in bed with the flu.
Amazon review
In a cleverly woven integration of film, television and desperation, Mazie and her cast of characters seem to travel from one near disaster to the next.
Amazon review
Boob fighting? This story was just too funny.
Amazon review
Mazie becomes a folk hero in the eyes of America and a thorn in the sides of both law enforcement and the real killers.
Amazon review
I adored this book. Mazie McGuire is funny, independent, she knows what she wants, and she goes after it come hell or high water.
Addictive Passions
From one end of Wisconsin to the other, Mazie leads us on a hilarious chase, making Jailhouse Orange the newest fashion.
Amazon review
This was an amazing book. It was funny, mysterious, filled with action and it even managed to have a bit of romance!
Books and Chats
Readers, hold onto your hats, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!
Amazon Review
Evil Miller Park Racing Sausages? Home bathtub electrocution kits? The Rocky Horror Show at the Oriental Theater? Deranged mothers-in-law? They’re all here in Juliet Rosetti’s new novel that out-Hiassens Carl Hiassen.
Snowbird Revues
Juliet Rosetti clearly has a gift for humor and pacing, vivid descriptions, and fully-formed characters.
Amazon Review
Witty and smart, this book will win over even the most reluctant reader from the very first page.
RT Review